mlwz Poland Fughu Review

They share the first part of the title. They share a style: mature, bristling with interesting ideas, sometimes hooking the experimental, sometimes rousing his flair. Innovative and demolishing genre stereotypes.

Both boards are not built on the principle of contrast and contradictions.  Rather, they are each other’s complement.

Like two pieces of mosaic, such as day and night,as jing and jang.  Songs talk about different aspects of humanity, the emotions of depression, ask questions and seek the eternal universal answer.

First of all counts music.  This is progressive metal with delicate shades of psychedelia and space rock, using some  few elements of rock opera.  And this is mainly because of the voice of Santiago Burgi, the expression of which often reveals a rich vein of operatic singing.

Fughu plays sophisticated music, full of subtle licks, and at the same time , very, very diverse.

Artur Chachlowski |