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Argentine progressive metal band Fughu had already attracted attention with her ​​first album in 2010 that we scrutinize forward any new production. They return today with an ambitious concept, ‘Human’, distributed in the form of two separate albums but brought together in a limited edition very neat presentation.

Human (The Tales):

The first part of this concept relies on strong as Fughu was built with ‘No’ bases, namely a progressive rock inspired tenors of 70 years with prestigious and assumed influences ( King Crimson , Rush , Dream Theater or Tool ).Argentine compositions alternate with happiness tortured (“Mayhem”, “Evil Eyes”) with more stripped productions based on emotion and sensitivity (“Goodbye”, “Dry Fountain”). But on this side, the performance singing Santiago Burgi may put off some, because it tends to overplay certain emotions a bit like a Domenik Papaemmanouil (Wastefall). Love or hate it. His cronies deliver an excellent performance as the excellent “Inertia” or inspired “The Human Way”. The first does not revolutionize the genre but it has the merit of offering a very personal reading of the human condition and transcribe emotion through an expressive and interesting music, as we were able to deliver the Germans Beyond The Bridge last year.

Human (The Facts):

Fughu here offers a more conceptual work, a little more risky and more symphonic – mainly because enveloping layers of atmospheric keyboards – and also richer, because in addition to the full emotion of voice Santiago Burgi, the group turned to Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace) and Dario Schmunck, Argentine tenor bringing a lyrical drama to this concept. The work is finely crafted, complex and sometimes surreal, featuring deep character served by a very original progressive and symphonic narrative, sometimes near a rock-opera style, which blends many often conflicting emotion between sweetness and despair sublimated by memorable vocal jousting (“Climb”, “The Play”). “Quirk Of Fate” has the majestic interpretation of Damian Wilson, while “Vater” shows us the great emotional power of the intense voice of Dario Schmunck. ‘The Facts’ is one (or two) step up again. Fughu sign a major piece of modern progressive rock must figure prominently in any discography progressive music lovers.

Ambitious project that ‘Human’, may be too much for some of the Argentine deficiencies prevent the project to achieve the coveted heights. With a less cartoonish singer and a refocusing on the essentials about, Fughu could we get the surprise of the year. Too bad, because that feeling of being very close to a past album exception is frustrating. There are, however, in these two albums enough to make an exception.

In the end, ‘Human’ worth a visit and the attention of fans of metal and prog rock in particular. ‘Human (The Facts)’ is becoming a “must have” as the creative genius of the group is highlighted. Potential Fughu glimpsed on ‘No’ out into the open and if progress continues on the same vein, there is a safe bet that the training will be one of the pillars of its kind in the coming years.

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