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  • Climb
  • The Facts

Human | The Facts

A conceptual album digging in the
humanity of… a man.
Soul, power, love and time that
devours it all.








  • Date
    May-25 2013
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Santiago Burgi

Promo video.


  1. Void  (4’03) boton-lyrics

  2. Quirk of Fate (6’44) boton-lyrics

  3. The Play (2’46) boton-lyrics

  4. Climb  (7’26) boton-lyrics

  5. Vater (4’03) boton-lyrics

  6. Winter (4’42) 

  7. Till the Day I Die (1’59) boton-lyrics

  8. The Facts (7’31) boton-lyrics

The press wrote.

Lady Obscure (UK)

The professional sound and theatrical dramatism of their music caught the attention from the first moment, it is not surprising that Mike Portnoy had selected them to open a Dream Theater show at Luna Park years ago, or that Absence, their first album had received countless compliments from the local and international press.

Lady Obscure

Music Belgium (BEL)

Rather than engaging in puffery useless Fughu has worked to create a strange and unique sound universe consists of  dark and theatrical atmospheres and various musical pieces also inspired by the psychedelic progressive rock / the seventies by the neo- prog eighties and contemporary progressive metal.

Music Balgium


They share the first part of the title. They share a style: mature, bristling with interesting ideas, sometimes hooking the experimental, sometimes rousing his flair. Innovative and demolishing genre stereotypes.