Lost Connection

The album can be described as
a unique explosive coctel of
progressive music with some
Argentinian roots.








  • Date
    Feb-20 2020
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Renzo Favaro

Promo video.


  1. Peggy  (5’30) boton-lyrics

  2. Pixel Hero (5’49) boton-lyrics

  3. Call Now! (5’02) boton-lyrics

  4. Stay  (5’25) boton-lyrics

  5. The Goat (5’30) boton-lyrics

  6. Told You (7’51) boton-lyrics

  7. Right fron the bone (3’22) boton-lyrics

  8. Martian (4’50) boton-lyrics

  9. What if (7’42) boton-lyrics

  10. Vexed Flower (Inside) (4’35) boton-lyrics

The press wrote.

Metal Temple

Overall, FUGHU does Progressive Metal pretty well. They pay homage to their influences, but also keep their own style with it. The synths/keys were definitely my favorite element of this album; I loved the futuristic yet retro feel they evoked in every song. The vocals can be a bit strange and even jarring in some songs, but other times, they were reminiscent of Charlie Dominici (ex-DREAM THEATER) and I enjoyed that aspect. Everything else wasn’t quite as memorable for me. Some of the solos felt out of place, a few of the melodies didn’t mesh well together. Nevertheless, this is a solid prog rock album.

Jerry Lucky

Music Waves

Fughu has considerably varied his music, always to serve the intrigue. ‘Stay’, for example, with its slow rhythm, omnipresent piano, Hispanic atmosphere and emotional singing, is one of the most melodic passages with a light jazz rock background and a total absence of riffs. The counterpart is striking with ‘Told You’, a worrying mid tempo which after a dark riff takes off into dark developments on an ever so expressive song. The end of the album is more quiet and  introspective with an atmospheric ‘Martian’, a ‘What If’ presents all the ingredients of a very creative prog rock but which sometimes seems to go a bit all over the place. The final solo, airy and touching in beauty, gives a solid foundation to the whole, and a very melodic finale with ‘Vexed Flower’ that ends the album smoothly.


Background Magazine

Lost Connection gives me mixed feelings, during some parts the chaotic bombastic elements are a bit too much, while other songs and parts of them are nicely structured and accessible. On the other hand the, sometimes weird/strange twists in the songs give me big smile and make me appreciate the choice to do so. I am not completely happy with the album’s mix and production, the bass is rather dominant and basically so, are the whole low parts of the album. If this is due to the wav files I got, because of the crack in the unplayable CD, please forgive my criticism about the album’s sound.

Rock Times