Juan Manuel López

  • Origin
    Buenos Aires, ARG
  • Born
    Dic-11 1969
  • Instrument
    Bass guitar


  • Schecter Stargazer Bass
  • Pickups: EMG MM5HZ/EMG LJHZ
  • Ampeg PF-500 Amp Head
  • Hartke 4×10 b xl speakers
  • Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

Juan Manuel López (bass guitar)

He started listening to rock music at the age of 10 by discovering “Kiss” and “Queen”. Then Heavy Metal would come with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest together with Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne and others.

He took some guitar lessons, but that did not last long. He started writing his first songs when he was 16 with very rudimentary elements.

His first experience in front of an audience was as a bass player in a Stone influenced band called ” Los Pipa’s ” in the late 80 ‘s. By then, Queensryche and Black Sabbath were among his favorite bands, but always listening to a big amount of music.  (The Beatles, Yes, Bowie, among others).

In the 90’s he played the drums in a blues band with his brother Pablo.  With “Elvira” he did some live concerts with their own songs and some Pappo covers.

He stopped playing the drums soon after hearing what his younger brother, Alejandro, had made with them in just a few days.

By then, the new wave from Seattle was exploding and inspired by that, he put together “Llamarada Moe”, along with his brothers, Pablo (vocals) and Alejandro (drums) and himself on guitar.

They played some time with Diego Dufau on bass and then former Fughu members Marco Gnoatto and Matías Venier joined in.

They split without playing live ever, but after a while, they rebuilt the band this time with him on bass and Fughu’s Ariel Bellizio on guitar.  They went out to play under the the name “Eclipse 4560″.  They recorded a demo and made some gigs.

After those experiences he stopped playing. He was already working as a school teacher, among other things, as an English teacher, taking advantage of that position to teach the kids songs from ” The Beatles”, “Queen”, “Kiss”, “Ozzy Osbourne”, “Alice Cooper”, “Deep Purple”, etc, singing these songs in school events as part of small plays.

In late 2006, Alejandro, who was already part of Fughu, proposed him to join the band in which he is today playing and writing music he likes.

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Juan Manuel López

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