Marcelo Marlmierca

  • Origin
    Buenos Aires, ARG
  • Born
    Oct-10 1968
  • Instrument

Marcelo Marlmierca

  • 1st Customized Yamaha np30 as controller.
  • 2nd Customized Yamaha np30 as controller.
  • Korg R3
  • Novation Nova
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Korg Tr Access
  • 3 Keyboard custom stand ( aluminium )
  • Custom carry/stand case for sound modules.
  • Audio Technica Headset microphone.

Marcelo Gregorio Malmierca Vidal Pomar (keyboards)

His first musical steps came from the diverse and vast album archive of his father, who had been a jazz drummer. He taught him the basic rudiments of improvisation. His grandmother was recognized as a poet, his mother’s a choreographer, and her aunt’s an actress. This all together would be the background of this child that was shocked by seeing Kiss and flew away listening to ELP, which gave him his first aproach to the piano, later taking classes at the age of 10.

At the age of 16 without being able to have his own instrument, he made his first electric guitar from the worst pine wood along with his friend William Greco and form ”Ave Fenix” with influences from Riff, Baron Rojo, Led Zeppelin and early Black Sabbath.

At age of 18 he bought his first synthesizer and became part of band called “Oxibitue” and immediately thereafter ”La banda del Pato Lucas”, playing “rioplatense rock” style.

Later there would be his first progressive band called “Project” and then another symphonic rock band, “Salamandra” from where he was banned for not being symphonic enough.

At the same time he entered the Conservatory, which he left after years to be able to make the music he wanted.

He formed a progressive band named “Pericles” while playing in a pop psico dark band, “Desechos Humanos” at the same time. With Pericles he released the album “Post mortem”.

During the blown of economic crisis in the 90s, he flirted with Bossa Jazz Music with “Beiyu Mama” and he miserably failed trying to make some bucks playing “cumbia”.

Meanwhile, he started to take acting classes with Carolina Adamovsky, Julio Molina, Alejandro Zingmman, Dario Levy, Cristian Drut.

He graduated as computer programmer, build his recording studio “Estudios Gong” and started a company “Volt Crafty Devices” which combines his knowledge of electronics, music and computers, building devices specially designed for musicians.

In “Estudios Gong”, he recorded and produced bands, comercials and theater plays.

Currently he has released three albums with Fughu, the one mentioned with Pericles and one on his own called “AlfinElfin”.

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