• Date
    May-25 2009
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Santiago Burgui

Time’s up.
The day has come to prove you we where wrong.
All around
your place shows me the bleeding of our souls.
I woke up
for better days for me on my own.
I woke up
from all the blinding darkness.

So much introspection used to be my way.
Time to make a step, I need to be stronger.

I’ve seen the light
through the blade in my hand.
It’s gonna be a bright new day
in this world that’s collapsing.
Be around.
My heart will need you here before the end.
Be around
and join me across the never.

So much introspection used to be my way.
Time to make a step I need to be stronger.
I’m falling down.
I’m giving up.

There´s no heaven above us.
I guess we’ll meet in the abbys.

Out in the streets the crowd is on fire.
I’ve never thought that burn would be so satisfying.
Closing my eyes the gates in the sky
are closing before me my time is coming.

I’m going under to find my way
so I become a new beliver.
Goodbye to the world of wonders I left behind.
Goodbye to my father’s tales in the night.

This endless night that fills my eyes
and pull my strings into the botton of a mindless lake.
I’m crawling down to find my past
the resurrection of my memories chase my last goodbye.

I guess you’re right I’m freaking out
I brought you with me in to this nothing that lock all mankind.
Forgot my name, my childhood shade
and now I´m screaming at the edge of my mortal strength.

There´s no heaven above us.
There´s no hell in the abyss.
There´s no change,
not a damned second chance,
death is not what you dreamt.