• Inertia



  • Date
    May-25 2009
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Santiago Burgui

The countless ages that confix this nebula
now stand before me like old shadows from the past.
A huge and uniform monster seeking out to bite
the pitiful remains of my soul and my mind.
In screams I wake and find myself roaming inert,

Sometimes I dream of going back where I belong
but the infinite space tread on my wings of hope.
I’ve seen my wasted life decay so many times.
The circle of existence is laughing at my cries.

more faraway than heaven.
Condemned to be forever beholder of the human race.
Yesterdays, tomorrows and todays
all creeping on my brain in towers of insanity.

From my majestic throne I have no chance but watch
millions of civilizations similar to ours.
And now I see what kind of illness we became
to Earth…

Mankind is so pathetic, doesn’t realize.
Can not destroy this planet, not in it’s short life.
The Earth with fever could erase it from it’s path
and start again, I know it, and I don’t give a fuck.

but closer than you are
you, puppet left behind by those who now control your mind.
On my way of loneliness and pain
I still have things to learn until the shadows leave me again

But after all this time, I still don’t understand your game, Lord.
They take me in their hearts ’cause they don’t understand my game Lord.
One day I’ll realize that I’m the smallest piece on your board.
One day they’ll realize that they’re the smallest piece on my board.

I’m sinking on delirium
and coming back to life…