• Date
    Feb-20 2020
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Renzo Favaro

It was a long, long time ago,
Nothing ever seemed to be true.
So many faces, sounds and trips.
Headless people, seasons to be gone.

A classy man, a rebel girl,
A weird-eyed Martian, in the same room…

Through the time I learnt about the world.
There was nothing wrong, there was something wrong.

Sail away…

What happened here?
I woke up today: just dust,
And you can’t hear me…
“If you wanna lust, I can do the whore.
If you want the worst, I can make it work.”
“I know, I know who you are”.
Let me believe.

With your outrageous plots,
Earth won’t be the same.
The rules, the game board, were just you.
A revulsive spot shone before me.
I loved you.
Can you feel me?
Make me believe.

You came a long, long, time ago…
Stars and missions, tales to be told.
A monster bit you and burnt the stage.
Deranged secrets waiting to be shown…