Quirk Of Fate








  • Date
    May-25 2013
  • Genres
    Progressive Metal
  • Guitars
    Ariel Bellizio
  • Drums
    Alejandro López
  • Bass Guitar
    Juan Manuel López
  • Keyboards
    Marcelo Malmierca
  • Vocals
    Santiago Burgui


Welcome, my friends, to this compendium of humanity.
A hall of mockery and reality.
You´re gonna witness the quirk of fate
and how things happened in such funny ways.


Tonight my friend
I’m going to betray you.
You won’t see it comming
but you have to know
things have changed
and will change much more.

The wave is so strong this time
and I´m moving to the highlands.
You are what you are.
And that will never change.

I’ve never thought you were the best.
You´re so weak and slow.
Obviously you´re out of time.
It´s not by chance she came to me.
Her flame´s still burning.
I know… she knows…

Complete my fate.
Complete me.
Come please my fate.
I am the one,
the succesor in your seat.
I am the one.

I remember good times.
I remember the bad times.
And that will never change.

Throughout this bitter rain I´m blessed with an open sky.
Just me to rule myself, not someone else.
Time has come to change the actors of the scene.
Laughing I am, fooled is my destiny.

Goodbye nobodies!
I´m blowing in the wind.
Goodbye my past life, my memories.

Goodbye nobodies!
You´ll see me on a screen!
Time to write my new memories.
My destiny! My destiny!
Time to write…