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Fughu no está pensada como una banda de rock progresivo”. Ariel Bellizio desarma en una frase lo que el curso de la charla daba por sentado. O lo que anuncia, incluso, la propia web del grupo. Así sigue: “Es el mote que le pusieron, porque es donde entra. Pero Fughu está pensada como una banda de rock”. Aclarado el panorama, la explicación todavía cuadra con el viaje que propone Lost Connection, su tercer disco de estudio, editado este año antes de la pandemia. (more…)

Prog Wereld

The Argentinian band Fughu made a big impression on me in 2013 with its two simultaneously released albums “Human – The Tales” and “Human – The Facts”. I predicted that this band from Buenos Aires would put Argentina on the prog map. Unfortunately I have not received much good progressive music from South America since then and Ariel Bellizio’s band also took seven years to release a successor. (more…)

Metal Temple

Argentinian band FUGHU formed in 1998 in Buenos Aires. It wasn’t until 11 years later in 2009 before their debut album “Absence” was released. They released 2 more albums “Human: The Tales” and “Human: The Facts” both in 2013 and now in 2020, bring their fourth album “Lost Connection” to the scene. The band is Progressive Metal with plenty of influence from other genres including jazz and classic rock. This album has 10 tracks. (more…)

Music Waves

Once again relying on an impeccable production and a high quality mix, the album starts on the same bases as its predecessor in a polymorphic progressive rock  made of tortured contractions and focused on a strong narrative conception. The Argentines tell their music, and the story is the thread that leads the melodic structure of the  tracks. Santiago Burgi’s sometimes slightly overplayed singing has clearly progressed and the expressiveness is now at the service of the music, even if it undergoes some ways reminiscent of the rock opera works of a Paolo Vallerga and a certain not always unpleasant theatricality on ‘Call Now’ in particular. (more…)

Flight of Pegasus

Watch out for a play on words: it took about eleven years from the presentation of the album “Absence” in order for the band to have news here, so the title of their new work can be taken as an excuse. The musicians who make up the quintet from Buenos Aires move in the progressive space with all the consistency that one can easily distinguish in their compositions. They are well-played, extensive, complex, structured on thoughtful narratives, they exude seriousness of intentions.

Figth of Pegasus

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